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Please stop breeding these "micro bullies"

Well, we haven't introduced our new dude yet, but he's been crashing with us for a couple of weeks now so it's time!

Timmy Spooner Waddlesworth is living life, man!! This cute little guy came to us through the Rescued Pets Are Wonderful (RPAW) Hospice Program from a shelter where they thought he had a PDA* and extreme hip dysplasia (at only 7 months old). Upon arriving at RPAW he had the full workup and his echo revealed he does NOT have a PDA, but severe aortic stenosis, so surgery is unfortunately not an option.

Timmy's case is terminal and could potentially take him in the next couple of months, so we are helping him live his best life.

Timmy enjoys FOOD of any kind, toys, long naps, being a stage five clinger, coming to work every day where he makes everyone smile and spreading joy wherever he goes.

This guy has the best little grunts and the absolute best demeanor.

If anyone deserved to live a full life, it'd be him, but sadly people keep breeding these "micro bullies" because they are "so cute" and not taking responsibility for the repercussions. He is my second puppy hospice in less than a year. Timmy has no idea he isn't like everyone else and no idea how short his life will be. He won't get years of the unconditional love he deserves, becoming the therapy dog he'd be destined for, and just getting to be a normal puppy.

This breed sadly has so many health issues, and most shorten their life dramatically. Please stop breeding these “micro pups!” They didn't ask for this, breeders created it.

Timmy's heart will eventually burst, and he will basically fall over and crash in my arms. Hopefully, he shows a sign before it gets that far, but sadly that doesn't always happen, and they just crash, gasping for air, and looking for comfort while they suffocate, and their heart wall gives way and ruptures.

I'm lucky to be surrounded by veterinarians daily that will help me help him pass as comfortably as he can, but this isn't the norm. Currently, I do not sleep a full night, any cough, throat clearing, too hard of a snore, triggers my worry.

We adore him, and most importantly he matters, he is loved unconditionally, and he will want for nothing until his end.

*Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) is a congenital birth defect where there is a hole in the heart, and you can do an open chest surgery to place a plug and they live a relatively normal term life afterward, but sadly that wasn't Timmy's case.

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