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Hands-on healing for dogs, cats, and horses in the Twin Cities

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Jenny Gott, Animal Intuition's founder, has always had companion animals in her life. Her grandparents owned an Arabian horse ranch where Jenny first developed her unconditional love for all animals, providing her with the drive and passion she carries forth today. She’s been helping cats, dogs, and horses with behavioral, emotional and physical issues using holistic and alternative care since 2005.

Jenny works intuitively on all levels through dog massage, horse massage, Reiki and animal communication.

I recently heard about her business and in particular, her therapeutic dog massage. I decided to find out more about it.

Many clients contact her when their pets show signs of aging such as slowing down or having challenges with simple daily tasks like laying down, climbing stairs and getting in/out of the vehicle. Dogs can benefit from massage in many of the same ways we do as humans.

  1. Improves circulation and promotes healing of injuries

  2. Relieves muscle spasms

  3. Secretes toxins

  4. Lubricates joints and can help ease arthritis

  5. Reduces stress and tension

  6. Increases range of motion

  7. Enhances muscle tone

  8. Promotes positive disposition

  9. Increases mental clarity required for training/performance

Often times, she said, clients are seeking support for their aging dogs to help guide them through the emotionally charged final chapter of their beloved pet's life.

Animal Intuition offers a variety of massage and healing options based on what your pet needs. In addition to massage, Jenny offers Reiki, aromatherapy using Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils, acupressure, and stretching exercises to provide the most beneficial experience for your four-legged family member.

Animal Intuition utilizes years of training and experience to help bring out the best in your canine companions physically, emotionally and behaviorally.


To check out the health benefits of canine massage, I brought my 10-year-old Hairless Chinese Crested for an introductory visit with Jenny at Animal Intuition.

At first, Dottie was less than thrilled, but she did appreciate the wonderful bag of treats Jenny had in her hands. Within a few minutes, she had relaxed and was actually leaning into Jenny as she gently massaged her.

I started asking her about the benefits of massage on puppies as well as senior dogs ... and knew my photos would not do her justice. So with her permission, I captured a portion of our visit on video.

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