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Getting to know Rabbit Rescue of MN

This amazing Minnesota rescue takes in sick, abused, neglected, abandoned, and unwanted domestic rabbits. They are 100% volunteer-based and fundraise to cover all rescue-related costs. All of the rabbits are cared for in private foster homes where they can be properly housed and receive lots of love and socialization.

Prior to adoption, they screen applicants thoroughly including a background check and a visit to the applicant's home to ensure that the rabbits will be cared for in a well-ventilated, well-lit and space appropriate area. Their mission includes educating first-time rabbit families on proper housing, exercise, diet, and medical care. It’s important all potential adopters understand that domestic rabbits are “exotic” pets and require very specific care, medical attention, and housing to live a happy, healthy life.

As mentioned earlier, Rabbit Rescue of MN operates as a foster-based rescue and relies on foster homes for their rescue rabbits. As a foster parent, you’d provide a rescue rabbit with a stable, loving home until an adopter gives them a permanent place to call their own. You don’t need prior rabbit experience to foster or adopt. They can teach anyone how to properly care for rabbits; you just bring the love and commitment. In fact, fostering is a great way to meet the many different varieties of rabbits and enjoy each of their fun personalities without the 10 – 12-year commitment of adoption.

The rescue relies on volunteers to be able to do what they do best, save animals in need. They are always in need of volunteers to join their team! As a non-profit organization, they can provide students with school community service hours, and are happy to complete the necessary paperwork to show their participation.

Meet Debbie Mans & Stephanie Verdoorn, the women behind the rescue

Debbie started rescuing bunnies after saving her first little man “Duke” from an impound where he was abandoned. She specializes in caring for medical rescue rabbits and has dedicated a wing in her home as a place to rehabilitate fosters. Stephanie and Debbie became friends when Stephanie adopted two bunnies from Rabbit Rescue of MN and decided she wanted to help the rescue in any way she could. Stephanie’s event planning and administrative skills help to keep the wheels in motion at Rabbit Rescue.

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