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CuddleMutt's "give back" philosophy helps local rescues

The ongoing success of Minnesota's vibrant rescue community is due in large part to local businesses who make it their mission to support pet adoptions. They may provide free event space, host fundraisers, or donating a portion of their sales to non-profits.

We want to celebrate these Minnesota business heroes by introducing them to pet parents throughout Minnesota.

CuddleMutt blanket
Chief Dog Officer giving paws up in product test.

Introducing CuddleMutt and its founder Kristen Farris

As the daughter of two entrepreneurial parents, Kristen was drawn to the idea of starting a company that made a difference. It was when she picked up her 12th foster dog through Secondhand Hounds that the concept for CuddleMutt began to form.

Kristen is a Minnesota girl who is passionate about dogs, rescue, and making a difference in this world. She has her rescue pup named Louie, who serves as CuddleMutt's Chief Dog Officer. When an order comes into Cuddlemutt, he oversees the fulfillment and occasionally helps out at events.

CuddleMutt founder Kristen Farris.

CuddleMutt's "give back" philosophy

As a foster mom, Kristen witnessed firsthand the need for soft blankets to comfort the scared pups coming into rescue. An old towel is not the same as a soft blanket. And, unfortunately, she witnessed organizations holding back their impact due to lack of funding. CuddleMutt's "buy a blanket, give a blanket" model + 20% of profits donated for all other accessories help address both of these needs.

The CuddleMutt brand focuses on both quality and design. All dog collars, scarves, and bandanas are handcrafted right here in Minnesota. The CuddleMutt blanket, designed exclusively for dogs, is their signature item. The blanket, made of plaid fleece and soft blue synthetic lamb's wool, adds color to a dog's life, as it is one of the few colors your dog can see.

Shop for CuddleMutt

Shop online at The brand can also be found at Puppy Play and Stay in Lakeville and The Vintage Loft in Excelsior.

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