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Hooved Animal Sanctuaries

It's only with your help that these sanctuaries can make a difference in the lives of hooved animals. Please consider sponsoring one of these precious animals, or discover other ways to make a difference at one of these Minnesota sanctuaries.

Bruno's Barn

Bruno's Barn is a 20 acre sanctuary devoted to rescuing, rehabilitating, and providing a forever home for farm animals while encouraging compassionate living. Bruno’s Barn began in January of 2015 with the arrival of our first resident pig BRUNO! Bruno, like many pigs, had been sold to a family with the promise he would be no more than 20 pounds. Bruno grew well past 20 pounds before he was even a year old (and pigs grow until they are 5 years old!). Although his family loved him, they knew they didn’t have the space for him. Bruno’s family contacted us looking for a forever home for him, and our journey into farm rescue began!

We learned quickly that pigs are incredibly smart and loving animals, and we wanted to be able to provide rehabilitation and a safe home for more pigs looking for a forever home. At the time, we were living in the city of Saint Paul, Minnesota and realized pretty quickly we would be needing more space if we wanted to save more farm animals.

In October of 2017, we found the perfect 20-acre property in Hugo, Minnesota that would become what is now Bruno’s Barn farm animal sanctuary! Since moving in we have taken in many permanent resident pigs and chickens and have helped to find homes for many more farm animals including pigs, chickens, and goats.

General Location


SoulSpace Farm Sanctuary

SoulSpace Farm Sanctuary’s mission is to rescue and protect farm animals from cruelty. We currently provide a forever home to 50 Residents rescued from abuse, neglect, and abandonment situations.

SoulSpace works to inspire change in the way society views farm animals and support people in their quest to live a more compassionate lifestyle.

At SoulSpace, people of all ages have the opportunity to volunteer at the farm and experience the animals firsthand. We offer educational tours with the hopes of opening people’s hearts and minds to the animals and their stories. We invite groups from schools and underserved youth to visit the farm for fresh air, exercise and hands-on service-learning.

Over the past four years, SoulSpace has become a fixture within the St. Croix County community, where people in and outside the area come to the sanctuary to connect with the animals and renew themselves.

There is a tremendous need for farm sanctuaries in the Midwest. SoulSpace was the first farm sanctuary in the Twin Cities metro area, and one of only a handful in the Midwest.

General Location

Twin Cities

Farmaste Animal Sanctuary

At Farmaste Animal Sanctuary we believe that all animals have inherent worth, and that farm animals are not an exception to that rule. We rescue abused, neglected and unwanted farm animals and bring them to our 79-acre farm in Lindstrom, MN. There they are allowed to roam in the pastures, and live out their days free from cruelty. Farmaste Animal Sanctuary also provides opportunities for people to connect with the animals and hear their stories through our scheduled tours and volunteer opportunities.

General Location


Spring Farm Sanctuary

Spring Farm Sanctuary rescues and provides a home for abused and neglected farm animals. We seek to educate the local community to raise awareness of the horrible conditions animals face in industrial animal agriculture, as well as the dangerous effects animal agriculture has on our health and the environment. Through our events and tours we encourage the community to connect with our animals and realize how sensitive, emotional and caring they are. Also, we work with local and state governmental organizations and agencies to advocate for laws and policies that prevent animal suffering and promote the fair and compassionate treatment of animals.

General Location

Long Lake

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